Happy Mother's Day to all you brilliant moms out there! Here's a gift to celebrate YOU!

Is this for you?

A Mompreneur is defined as a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mom and the role of entrepreneur.


  • You are busier than ever before (welcome to motherhood) yet somehow still bored
  • You have trouble getting anything completed (but you love starting things!)
  • You have a burning desire to do more, have more, create more. More more more!
  • Normal mom-groups and mom-activities (and moms) make you a little nauseous
  • You have written 452 books, started 127 ventures, and patented 347 inventions (all in your head)


  • You've had a kid (or 6) in the hopes that that would create a different future for you (ie everything would magically change, you would get happy, or some other problem would be solved)
  • You've thrown all of your energy into your children or husband's life, but seem to have forgotten to live yours
  • You have been judging yourself for not being fulfilled 'staying home' with the kids

When I found out I was pregnant, my first thought was ... how is this going to change my life and my business? When I found out it was twins... the fear set in. What if I have to give up my work, my creation, my travel, my job? What if I can't do it all? What if I have to become one of those.... (gasp) MOMS >>>> :O ?

When I went into labor 7 weeks early I was a bit in denial. I hadn't put anything into place for my maternity leave. I attempted to do a conference call but had to rush to the hospital instead. After delivering two healthy, albeit tiny babies, I was consumed with their care and every moment was spent making sure they were going to not only survive, but thrive. 

I spent 22 days literally in a chair next to their incubators, breast-pumping so they could have breast milk fed to them through feeding tubes. Sleeping in 30 or 40 minute increments a couple times a day. It was the most intense time of my life! 

And yet... my mind wandered. I would sneak in 3 or 4 minutes to check my emails and skypes. I took photos for the future story I wanted to tell. I wrote notes to all of the loving people who sent us their prayers and energy.

I started to wonder if maybe I had a problem. Shouldn't my mind be focused on the babies? How could I possibly miss work in a time like this?

Then I realized. I just needed to keep creating... even more than ever before! 

Since having the twins, I've more than doubled my income, businesses, projects, and do it all from home while spending time caring for my babies. It's the life of a "mompreneur" and I wouldn't change it for anything!

Lauren Marie and her Twins' Story

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"Just sharing something exciting! Yesterday I had an idea for a class. Had the energy of it and yet my mind was jumbling it all up.  Just now I sat down and created a facebook banner for it and the details came together as I was greating the graphic. So cool! This call has been really expansive for me and my business! So grateful, Lauren Marie!" - Petrina


"Thank you for being you and creating a space for me where the possibility of being a mum and a fantastic business creator can co-exist." - Luisa

“Lauren can access information and awareness out of thin air and can facilitate people to have their own awareness and information. she also LITERALLY connects people with empowerment and the belief that they can conquer the world… AND yes that is UNIQUE.”– Amanda K, USA

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“You are absolutely one of the most effective facilitators I”ve met! I was about changing my mind on going to Costa Rica and a couple of things happened to keep me going. One of them was listening to your free tele-call! Thank you so much. As a graduate level teacher in University, I know a little bit about effective facilitation, and less effective facilitation. You got it going on, Lauren! So authentic, which is the underlying nature of being (also an area of my ‘expertise’ being) You just rock with ease when facilitating.” - Virginia S. Indiana USA


"With the gift of this class I get to perceive, know, be and receive that now is the f'ing time. What would it be like for us to all get that? Thank you for this class." - Whitney


"Still love doing these calls over and over again. Learn something new every time I listen to them. Thanks Lauren Marie!" - Tanya